Geotechnical Service


High value investigation and information work that surrounds intrinsic data usage for any given development.

Miro Bumi has established a standard to provide high value of geotechnical investigation, information and intrinsic data to characterise the subsurface. The aim of Geotechnical Investigation is to give recommendations on the most cost-efficient design and construction method for any given development.

Data is collected using a variety of in-house methods, tools and sensors ranging from cone penetration testing (CPT) to conventional drilling techniques, mackintosh probe, standard penetration test (SPT), Light weight deflectometer test (LWDT), plate bearing test. We also offered services of groundwater exploration and geotechnical instrumentation monitoring to the market.

These geotechnical instrumentations include settlement monitoring such as inclinometer, piezometer, settlement plate and settlement marker, vibration monitoring and building crack monitoring. Miro Bumi has focused its equipment for research and development for assessment of soil and groundwater behaviour.

Geotechnical Instrumentation And Monitoring

Geotechnical Service 15

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